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First Post

Okay, here goes, I can say anything I want. It is Friday. It’s a beautiful day. I am looking forward to getting outside.

Really? That’s it? That’s my first blog…

No. That can’t be. Let me try again.

What made me decide to begin a new blog? Well, I have a blog about writing, and another about being a writer, and one about being a homemaker that I have pretty much abandoned. As for Writer by Writing, there are so many other blogs about writing that I couldn’t think of anything I could add to the conversation that wasn’t already being shared, but I do want to add to the conversation occasionally. If I ever finish my book or get one of my short stories published than perhaps I will feel like a wild-writer again and will add to that blog. I do have ideas to add to second_chakra, but the name…well, I don’t know. I just didn’t like it anymore. Not for now, maybe soon, if I can get back into posting, I will use this space again.

Along with writing and reading fiction, I like to read and listen to self-help books and I had recently listened to two in particular, one on Clear and Simple Organizing, and the other on The Power of an Hour and while I was listening to each of the audio books, I had the urge to talk about them. I wanted to blog about them. But, since I didn’t have a blog with a name that was making sense to me now and adding those thoughts on Goodreads or SheWrites or Amazon wasn’t the same, I thought it would be nice to have a place to put down my ideas. Then I let the urge go. The name “An Insignificant Voice” kept popping up in my head.

As a long-time stay-home mom, I often felt that my ideas were not viewed as relevant by society and although my children are grown and I am a confident person, I never had the intense want to fight that assumption. I had a close circle of friends and family and they have always made me feel like my thoughts and ideas were worth listening to and that has been enough of a stage for me and my ideas. Of course, I have learned as I grew older that my relationships were worth more than my political, religious, and financial beliefs, so I have done my best to steer clear of these conversations, online and off, and I will continue to do so. Another name I considered was A Place at the Table. While getting my degree, the feminist idea of claiming a place at the table intrigued me, and I thought of naming a blog just that:  A Place at the Table but the name was not available. When searching WordPress for the blog, I found one with a cause (world hunger) that is much more significant than what I had in mind. Although, if I had planned to use the name to promote the feminist ideals of claiming a place at the table then perhaps it would have been significant.

Anyway, while I was doing some S.T.A.C.K.S work based on the audio book, Get Organized the Clear and Simple Way, I came across the drawings I did for a presentation about Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party – and once again the urge to begin a new blog tapped on my shoulder, so I thought I’d title the blog, A Place at the Table: An Insignificant Voice (of a housewife) which is too long. And like I already stated, I discovered today that the name “A Place at the Table” was not available. Besides, I know I am much more than “just” a housewife.

Although, since I have been working only one day a week teaching composition and I have been struggling with my writing projects, I have felt a little more like a housewife than usual. Add all this to the fact that my resume has yet to make it into the hands of HR manager interested in hiring me full-time, the idea that I have nothing to offer has dipped me into a bit of depression. A state I can usually pull out of pretty quickly. Life is just too fluid to allow depression to hang on for too long. I know that I have not had any recent success at work or with my writing but I have known success. I will know it again. I also know that what I have been doing with my time, has not reaped the benefits I am looking for, so it is time to make a change.

After evaluating of my daily actions, I realized that I stopped blogging about writing to work on the novel. Then I stopped working on the novel to allow the story time to bake and for me to focus on a job search. Thankfully, the other day, the timer went off on the writing oven: the problem has finished baking, I am back on track and happy. Now I can get back to writing which means I need to blog to help get the writing juices flowing and to free my mind of mental clutter. Thanks to WordPress, I can have as many blogs as I want (as long as am willing to keep them up). Hence, you are reading this. To create more change, I removed my resume from the online boards and I have decided to stop using them to search for job openings. I will focus on networking instead and I will trust that the right job will come along. Hopefully, my writing isn’t too rusty and I can get into the swing of it quickly. I also might as well confess that have gained weight recently (I am mortified that the scale is displaying a number I swore I would never see again (a product of that depression, I am sure of it)). So, I will change my daily activities to include a renewed focus on movement and on portion control and I will keep this focus until those ten pounds are no longer attached to my body. I might be virtually unpublished and virtually unemployed, but I can be those things and be at my goal weight at the same time. Being virtually unpublished, virtually unemployed, and overweight – gads! Who wouldn’t be depressed?