An Insignificant Voice

There are 7 billion people in the world – how can one woman's ideas make a difference?

About Me

I have always liked the idea of blogging, and I’ve tried to start several different blogs, but to date none have stuck. I feel trapped writing about one particular topic. There are so many things I like to write about, I thought I should give myself a place to do just that, I mean write about anything. As an Empty Nester, Career Fledgling Teacher/Trainer/Coach/Who-the-heck-knows, Happy Wife, Homemaker, Struggling Writer, and Wannabe-Fit woman, I have never done anything significant enough to be important. I don’t even have any aspirations to be on a reality TV show in search of my 15 minutes of fame (thank God). I like my life. I keep myself busy. I read. I write. I work. I meet people. I do my best to make myself available to friends and family in good times and in bad. I laugh. I cry. I pray. I whine. I wonder. I plan. I analyze. I adjust. Just like so many of the other 7 billion people on the planet, I live the best I can and strive for improvement. There is nothing so unique in what I have done or what I anticipate I will do that lets me know that something is my “it” – my niche. To explain why I am here. On planet earth now, living in a suburban neighborhood, spending my time – hmmm?

One thing that I know for sure, as long as I am breathing, I am just one of many:


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